MEMA fleets were recognized during the Honors Celebration at the Government Fleet Expo in Detroit. MEMA fleets were awarded in the categories of Leading Fleets and Elite Fleets.
50 Leading Fleets
The following in alphabetical order were recognized in the category of the 50 Leading Fleets:
City of Beverly Hills, California
City of Long Beach, California
City of Ventura, California
County of Sacramento, California
County of Santa Clara, California
San Joaquin County Fleet Services, California
University of California, Davis, Fleet
Notable Fleets
These are fleets whose accomplishments and efforts warrant recognition.
City of Carlsbad, California
City of Fairfield, California
City Of Ontario, California
City of Roseville, California
City of San Jose, California
Eastern Municipal Water District, California
Elite Fleets
Elite Fleets are former No.1 fleets that continue to perform at a high level and show leadership across the public fleet industry. San Bernardino County was among the fleets designated as an Elite Fleet. This is the 5th year in a row the county has been recognized as an Elite Fleet!
Congratulations to all who were recognized!