The City of Long Beach hosted an online workshop to share their development of a Blueprint to convert approximately 700 Medium and Heavy-Duty fleet vehicles to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) over the next two decades. The Blueprint, funded by the California Energy Commission, offered lessons learned to other agencies throughout California undertaking similar efforts.

The workshop agenda covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to City of Long Beach and Municipal/Blueprint Goals and Objectives – Justin Beck, City of Long Beach
  • Legislation and External Drivers Impacting Fleet Conversion – John Friedrich, Momentum, and Stuart Hamre, Arup
  • Assessing Fleet Characteristics ahead of Conversion: Findings from Fleet Transition Planning – Stuart Hamre, Arup
  • Engaging the Local Utility – Justin Beck, City of Long Beach
  • Group Discussion: Opportunity for Feedback from Partner Agencies – John Friedrich, Momentum

Details of the Blueprint were provided and the group discussion solicited feedback from attending agencies on its preliminary fleet transition plan. A presentation was provided, which can be viewed here.